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Latest News

International Day of Light 16-May-2018

16th May sees the fourth annual International Day of Light, a worldwide event organised by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of light in science, technology and art. The idea stemmed from the Year of Light held in 2015, which saw over 13,000 events held in 147 countries across the world ... more

Florence Nightingale’s Contribution to Modern TCCC 15-May-2018

We’ve all heard of Florence Nightingale, the pioneering Lady with the Lamp. During a time when most English women of her class were spending their time embroidering, reading and looking for a suitable husband, Florence was laying the foundations for modern nursing practice. Many of the strategies and ... more

Would You Have Your DNA Tested? 03-May-2018

A decade ago, a DNA test was only something you undertook in very specific situations – when the paternity of a baby was disputed, for example. Our increased understanding of DNA and the wider availability of testing kits has made testing for a whole range of other reasons both affordable and practical ... more