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Will Electronic Skin Monitor Our Health in the Future? 14-Nov-2017

Wearable technology, which monitors health and activity, has rarely been out of the news recently with rival manufacturers bringing fitness trackers, smartwatches, gadget-charging backpacks and even smart sports bras to the market. Looking further ahead, new developments such as incredibly thin graphene ... more

How To Improve Obstetrics Through Simulation 03-Nov-2017

Every second of the day, there are four new babies born somewhere around the world. That equates to 15,000 births an hour, 360,000 births every day and a staggering 131.4 million births a year. We all know that where you are born has a huge effect on your life chances in the ante-natal and peri-natal ... more

What is Sepsis? 02-Nov-2017

There’s a growing awareness of sepsis as a potentially life-threatening condition. In August 2016, the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) branded the condition a “medical emergency”, after figures showing that 72% of patients diagnosed with sepsis had recently been seen by a doctor or nurse who had ... more