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Is There Really an ADHD Epidemic? 17-Apr-2015

The number of children in the US diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in recent years has rocketed to unimaginable levels. Before the 1990’s, fewer than 5% of school children were considered to have ADHD. Now, numbers in the US, as reported by Centres for Disease Control and ... more

Quality CPR Practice Needs Quality CPR Training 14-Apr-2015

70% of Americans feel helpless to act during a cardiac emergency and as 88% of these types of emergencies occur, we all need to be prepared to save a life with CPR skills. Providing CPR in the first few minutes can triple a victim's chance of survival. Public support of CPR education classes is rapidly ... more

Life on Mars 07-Apr-2015

A lack of investment funding may have pushed back the Mars One mission by two years to 2026, according to a recent announcement, but a visit to the Red Planet still fires the imagination as mankind’s next big adventure. Nevertheless, if you read the science, a lack of funding looks like the least of ... more