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Back in school at last, but…

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This year, being back in school is a delicate topic. Most students and teachers are looking forward to seeing each other in person and bringing back some “normality”. However, due to the COVID-19 virus, schools, teachers and students have to adjust to a new way of meeting at school, teaching and learning.

Many will ask themselves: How can I conduct lessons in areas of science i.e. in a lab, such as physics and biology, during this time? Especially when it comes to experiments, teachers and professors are now facing the difficulty of creating a new kind of curriculum.

3B Scientific would like to support you in developing your new teaching concept. Therefore, we have put together some suggestions on how to customize your curriculum to these special needs. We know budgets are tight with all the extra costs imposed on us by the Coronavirus so this year’s “Back To School Sale” will give you a discount of 15% on selected Biology student kits, certain anatomy models and physics experiments, using the code SCHOOL2020.*

To make curriculum changes easier for you, a large number of experiments from 3B Scientific can be adapted to the new teaching structure because of the extensive and detailed experiment instructions:
•             The experiments can be carried out in regular classes, but also interactively and online
•             The theoretical part can be covered by the students themselves at home or in class
•             The post processing of the experiments can become homework because of the detailed                              description

Plus: all 3B Scientific® anatomy models come with the 3B SMART ANATOMY app, used to digitally discover the human anatomy anytime and anywhere. By scanning the smart label on the anatomy model and gaining immediate access to 3B SMART ANATOMY courses in the award winning Complete Anatomy app.  Additionally, while registering your 3B Scientific® model you get a free warranty extension from 3 to 5 years.
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Reference on “How to properly clean your anatomy model” can be downloaded here.

More information about 3B SMART ANATOMY is linked here.
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*Use the discount code SCHOOL2020 to receive a 15% discount on certain products only. This offer is only valid until November 15th 2020 and cannot be combined with other offers. Country restrictions may apply.