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3B Scientific® anatomical charts in poster size are ideal for training, patient education and medical studies! You will find the key aspects on each of the various topics, such as the human skeleton and musculature, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, nerves and diseases, including diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, cancer, allergies etc. All charts are beautifully and accurately illustrated and expertly written by medical professionals. They are printed on high quality 200 g photographic paper in 50 x 67 cm (20 x 26") poster size. The charts come in 2 different versions, laminated and paper. The laminated version (L) is laminated on both sides with a 125 Micron (5.0 Mil) lamination and metal eyelets in each top corner to make the poster easy to display. This chart won't curl with this thick lamination and can be written on and cleaned again and again. Should you prefer the paper version (UU) you can also gets practical plastic rods to make the poster easy to hang. (VR999B) Also available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese (Japanese versions are sized 30 x 40 cm).
Rods for charts, black, pair, 50 cm, 1002372 [VR999B], Chart accessories

Rods for charts, black, pair, 50 cm

£ 6.60
Item: 1002372 [VR999B]

Rods for charts, black, pair, 98 cm, 1002373 [VR999BL], Chart accessories

Rods for charts, black, pair, 98 cm

£ 6.60
Item: 1002373 [VR999BL]

Chart Display Stand, 1002381 [VR999S/E], Chart accessories

Chart Display Stand

£ 839.23
Item: 1002381 [VR999S/E]
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