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DNA Double Helix Model, 12 Segments, miniDNA® Kit

DNA Double Helix Model, 12 Segments, miniDNA® Kit, 1005298 [W19763], DNA-Models
DNA Double Helix Model, 12 Segments, miniDNA® Kit, 1005298 [W19763], DNA-Models
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·         Simple differentiation of components by means of six easily distinguishable colours.
·         Representation of hydrogen bonds between thymine and adenine and the three hydrogen bonds between cytosine and guanine
·         Representation of major and minor grooves on the surface of the double helix 
·         Purine bases (adenine, guanine) and pyrimidine bases (cytosine, thymine) differ in size
Molecule model kit for a right-handed double helix with colour-coded components for representing the bases containing nitrogen as well as pentoses and phosphate groups from which DNA is composed. Can be used to demonstrate DNA replication in model as well as complementary base pairing. Supplied with assembly instructions and stand.
  • 6 Thymine (orange)
  • 6 Adenine (blue)
  • 6 Guanine (green)
  • 6 Cytosine (yellow)
  • 24 Deoxyribose (red)
  • 24 Phosphate (purple)
Dimensions: approx. 24x11x11 cm³
Weight:          approx. 330 g
Item No.: 1005298 [W19763]
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Product Information
Weight 0.33 kg
Dimensions 24 x 11 cm
Brand Molymod
MPN: AMDNA-060-12
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