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Horse skeleton (Equus ferus caballus), female, disarticulated

Horse skeleton (Equus ferus caballus), female, disarticulated, 1021004 [T300141fU], Osteology

Horse skeleton (Equus ferus caballus), female, disarticulated

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Complete and non-assembled skeleton bones without pre-drilling. Ideal for demonstrating the typical bone structure and anatomy. Small bones can be loose. Does not include building instructions.

Horse (Equus ferus caballus)
Class: Mammals
Order: Odd-toed ungulates
Family: Horses
Diet: Herbivore
Size: Approx. 50 – 200 cm
Weight: Approx. 100 – 1200 kg
Age: Approx. 20 – 50 years
Skeleton: Approx. 252 individual bones

Dentition formula:
Number: 36 – 44
Incisors (I): 3/3
Canines (C): 0-1/0-1
Premolars (P): 3-4/3-4
Molars (M): 3/3

Product Data
Item No. 1021004 [T300141fU]
Weight 39 kg
Brand 3B Scientific
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