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Massage tables can be used in an office or in the comfort of your own home. Many Massage tables are designed to be portable and light enough to carry for a traveling professional. They come in a variety of sizes and styles and come with carry bags for transport. Massage tables are customizable by color, width, height range and come in wood or metal frames. Click here to veiw our Treatment Table Buyer's Guide.
Basic Portable Massage Table, 1013724 [W60601B], Massage Tables

Basic Portable Massage Table

From £ 152.28
Item: 1013724 [W60601B]

3B Deluxe Portable Massage Table, 1013727 [W60602B], Massage Tables

3B Deluxe Portable Massage Table

From £ 222.11
Item: 1013727 [W60602B]
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3B Aluminum Portable Massage Table, 1018653 [W60610MBK], Massage Tables

3B Aluminum Portable Massage Table

From £ 303.66
Item: 1018653 [W60610MBK]

Basic Metal Portable Massage Table, red, 1009157 [W60614], Massage Tables

Basic Metal Portable Massage Table, red

£ 69.60
Item: 1009157 [W60614]

3B Basic Stationary Table, 1018684 [W60636], Massage Tables

3B Basic Stationary Table

From £ 161.65
Item: 1018684 [W60636]

3B Deluxe Stationary Table, Lift Back, 1018686 [W60637], Massage Tables
Clearance -

3B Deluxe Stationary Table, Lift Back

From £ 175.02 £ 481.20
Item: 1018686 [W60637]

wood Massagetable blond with shelf,  53 roi, 1015129, Massage Tables
Clearance -

wood Massagetable blond with shelf, 53 roi

£ 274.27 £ 332.40
Item: 1015129

Arm Support - dark blue, 1013738, Massage Tables
Clearance -

Arm Support - dark blue

From £ 2.57 £ 6.00
Item: 1013738

Adjustable Headrest with Metal Brackets, 1013732 [W60603B], Massage Tables

Adjustable Headrest with Metal Brackets

From £ 21.06
Item: 1013732 [W60603B]