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The affordable and high quality MOXOM acupuncture needles offer excellent value for money. Find acupuncture needles with different handles and various sizes, with and without silicone coating and point & click insertion tube. Buy acupuncture needles online at the trusted 3B Scientific shop: safe checkout and quick delivery.
Buy your affordable, high quality acupuncture needles easily and safely online from 3B Scientific. As an alternative to the SEIRIN acupuncture needle, we now also offer the affordable new MOXOM acupuncture needle: Test the new MOXOM acupuncture needles in packs of 100 or value packs of 1,000 and save even more with convenient subscription orders.
All MOXOM acupuncture needles are made of German stainless steel, offer shelf life of at least three years and are quality controlled. Test the easy handling of the new MOXOM acupuncture needles and their excellent value at a great price point right now. MOXOM acupuncture needles are available with and without silicone coating. Silicone coating is used throughout Europe to offer the patient an acupuncture experience as pain free as possible.
MOXOM acupuncture needles are available in various types and 12 different sizes and are kept on stock for quick delivery times. We are offering subscription orders to keep your administrative work at a minimum: simply choose your preferred type of needle and delivery frequency and we take care of the rest. This is also the economic way of ordering acupuncture needles with the highest discount.
Find these types of acupuncture needles by MOXOM at the 3B Scientific shop for acupuncture supplies:
  • MOXOM Silk: Acupuncture needles following the Japanese type with anti-slip plastic handle, available with and without point & click guide tube:
Choose MOXOM Silk and MOXOM Silk Plus if you are looking for high quality, yet affordable acupuncture needles with a color-coded plastic handle. If you prefer acupuncture needles with a guiding tube, MOXOM Silk Plus is the right acupuncture needle for you. MOXOM Silk acupuncture needles are your choice of you prefer to work without guiding tubes.
Acupuncture needles of the type MOXOM Silk have a silicone coated needle tip for an almost pain free insertion; the needle itself is made of high quality German stainless steel. The plastic handles are color coded for easy size identification. MOXOM Silk and MOXOM Silk Plus are available with different needle sizes and in two packaging sizes (100 and 1,000).
  • MOXOM TCM: Acupuncture needles following the classical Chinese style with copper handle, with and without guide tube:
If you prefer to use acupuncture needles with copper handles, we recommend the new MOXOM TCM acupuncture needle. The needle is made of high quality German stainless steel, the handle is made of copper and they are available with uncoated needles as well as with silicone-coated needles in different sizes.
  • MOXOM Steel: Acupuncture needles following the Korean style with a coiled steel handle and your choice of silicone coated or uncoated needles. Made entirely of high quality German stainless steel:
The acupuncture needle MOXOM Steel is made of German stainless steel with a coiled handle. It is suitable for all types of acupuncture applications like classic acupuncture, dry needling, electrostimulation and moxibustion. The steel acupuncture needle is available in an uncoated version as well as in a silicone-coated version; both versions come in various needle sizes.
MOXOM acupuncture needles are very cost effective and sold in packaging sizes of 100 and 1,000 sterile, disposable needles. They offer a very high quality at a great price point. Each needle is sterilized with EO gas and packed in an individual blister chamber that is easy and quick to open.
MOXOM – Your smart choice for acupuncture needles!

MOXOM TCM - copper spiral handle, 1022097, Acupuncture Needles MOXOM
From £ 4.56 £ 4.80
MOXOM TCM - copper spiral handle - bulk pack, 1022104, Acupuncture Needles MOXOM
From £ 34.68 £ 34.80
MOXOM Steel - steel spiral handle - with guide tube, 1022108, Acupuncture Needles MOXOM
From £ 5.04 £ 5.16
MOXOM Steel - steel spiral handle, 1022114, Acupuncture Needles MOXOM
From £ 4.56 £ 4.80
MOXOM Steel - steel spiral handle - bulk pack, 1022126, Acupuncture Needles MOXOM
From £ 33.48 £ 33.60