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Medical Simulation in the training of obstetric emergencies is an effective tool to improve obstetric knowledge, technical skills, team work and structured communication and is used in obstetric emergency skill training programs. The medical field of obstetrics (often referred to as OB&GYN from obstetrics and gynecology) deals with childbirth from pregnancy to birth and also the postpartum period. Obstetric simulation is used to practice delivery skills and emergency interventions in order to lower the mortality rate during birth. The scenario based obstetric training includes normal deliveries, common complications during delivery, as well as obstetric emergencies:
  • Evaluation of the Baby’s position and presentation
  • Diagnosis of complications
  • Interventions for shoulder dystocia and breech deliveries
  • Manual maneuvers like Ritgen or Leopold
  • Cesarean sections
  • Complete and incomplete placenta birth
  • Medical interventions before, during, and after the delivery
  • Pre- and post-natal care
3B Scientific® offers many different obstetric simulators and birthing phantoms as well as newborn manikins to practice neonatal resuscitation. All medical staff that is involved in obstetrics - doctors, nurses, and midwives - benefit from obstetric simulation as such, but also from training together as a team.

Trainees can develop core competencies in medical birthing interventions and team work with the 3B Scientific® birthing simulator SIMone™. It has been used around the globe for many years for specialty training in obstetrics and was recently updated to include 9 new birthing scenarios (like multipara, preeclampsia, HELPP syndrome, fever complications and more).

The new 3B Scientific® birthing simulator P90 PRO has been developed for obstetric training and demonstrations of manual maneuvers, cesarean sections as well as amniotomies (AROM, artificial rupture of membranes). Trainees will learn how to assess the fetal positions and presentations, how to manually assist normal and complicated births, and when to perform obstetric emergency interventions like a cesarean section.

Patient education also plays an integral part in obstetrics, and 3B Scientific® offer posters and pregnancy and birth models to help the patient better visualize the complex anatomy of delivery and the birthing process itself.
3B Birthing Simulator Basic,P90B

3B Birthing Simulator Basic

From £ 642.00
Item: 1020332 [P90B]
Free domestic shipping 3 year warranty

3B Birthing Simulator PRO,P90P

3B Birthing Simulator PRO

From £ 642.00
Item: 1020333 [P90P]
Free domestic shipping 3 year warranty

3B Birthing Stages Trainer,P94

3B Birthing Stages Trainer

£ 968.40
Item: 1020628 [P94]
Free domestic shipping 3 year warranty

Episiotomy and Suturing Simulator,P95

Episiotomy and Suturing Simulator

£ 212.40
Item: 1019639 [P95]
Free domestic shipping 3 year warranty

C-Celia - Fetal Extraction Trainer,1021386

C-Celia - Fetal Extraction Trainer

Item: 1021386

C-Celia - Postpartum Hemorrhage Control Trainer,1021387

C-Celia - Postpartum Hemorrhage Control Trainer

Item: 1021387

C-Celia - Emergency Hysterectomy Trainer,1021389

C-Celia - Emergency Hysterectomy Trainer

Item: 1021389

C-Celia - Emergency C-Section Delivery Simulator,1021391

C-Celia - Emergency C-Section Delivery Simulator

Item: 1021391

RealMom Birthing simulator,1021404

RealMom Birthing simulator

Item: 1021404

Model for Gynecological Patient Education,P53

Model for Gynecological Patient Education

£ 294.00
Item: 1013705 [P53]
Free domestic shipping

NEW SIMone™ Birthing Simulator,P80/1

NEW SIMone™ Birthing Simulator

£ 38,664.00
Item: 1019599 [P80/1]

Birthing Simulator,VG395

Birthing Simulator

£ 1,412.40
Item: 1001260 [VG395]
Free domestic shipping 3 year warranty

Cervical Dilatation and Effacement Simulators,1019859

Cervical Dilatation and Effacement Simulators

£ 1,177.20
Item: 1019859
Free domestic shipping

Fetal Baby,1020326

Fetal Baby

£ 114.00
Item: 1020326

Birthing Simulator with 5 Different Cervices, 7 part,W19009

Birthing Simulator with 5 Different Cervices, 7 part

£ 464.40
Item: 1005103 [W19009]
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Palpation Model for Leopold’s Maneuver,W43015

Palpation Model for Leopold’s Maneuver

£ 811.20
Item: 1005567 [W43015]
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Fetus Model,W43038

Fetus Model

£ 129.60
Item: 1005571 [W43038]

Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model Set,W43045

Fetal Monitoring and Labor Progress Model Set

£ 648.00
Item: 1005579 [W43045]
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Birthing Station Simulator,W44007

Birthing Station Simulator

£ 1,153.20
Item: 1005589 [W44007]
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Episiotomy Suturing Simulator, Set of 3,W44096

Episiotomy Suturing Simulator, Set of 3

£ 612.00
Item: 1005627 [W44096]
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SMART MOM Basic Birthing Simulator,W44175

SMART MOM Basic Birthing Simulator

£ 37,179.60
Item: 1018474 [W44175]
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Birthing Simulator,W44525

Birthing Simulator

£ 852.00
Item: 1000002 [W44525]
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ECG/Umbilical Cannulation Skin,W44800

ECG/Umbilical Cannulation Skin

£ 691.20
Item: 1017952 [W44800]
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Birthing Simulator,W45025

Birthing Simulator

£ 859.20
Item: 1005790 [W45025]
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Birthing Simulator, dark,W45025D

Birthing Simulator, dark

£ 722.40
Item: 1017861 [W45025D]
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