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Our geek gifts and novelties make gift giving super easy, super geeky and super fun! Looking for geek jewelry for that special someone? Check out our Molecular Jewelry - they've been best-sellers for years!  Speaking of best-selling, our Chemistry Geek Gifts always tops the charts.  This year, the Periodic Beer Glass and the Caffeine Molecular Mug is at the top of everyone's geek gift list!  
Geek T-shirts with Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics humor make memorable geek gifts for those on a budget. We even have apparel for the little ones.  Our Baby Genius Periodic Table Onesie is a top seller.  Silk neckties with medical themes make great geek-chic gifts for health care  professionals. And be sure to check out Giant Microbes, Plush Particles and Little Thinkers which make a great desktop gift that is also cute and cuddly!
MEDart™ Ear,MAE10

MEDart™ Ear

£ 136.80 £ 115.56
Item: 1000365 [MAE10]

MEDart™ Foot Series – Normal, Flat and Hollow Feet,MAM33

MEDart™ Foot Series – Normal, Flat and Hollow Feet

£ 84.00 £ 71.28
Item: 1000371 [MAM33]

MEDart™ Poster Skeleton, 4 motives, background black,MAPA10Suu

MEDart™ Poster Skeleton, 4 motives, background black

£ 10.80 £ 8.64
Item: 1002401 [MAPA10Suu]

Anatomical T-Shirt Skeleton, XL,W41011

Anatomical T-Shirt Skeleton, XL

£ 10.80 £ 8.40
Item: 1005503 [W41011]

Anatomical T-Shirt Skeleton, L,W41012

Anatomical T-Shirt Skeleton, L

£ 10.80 £ 8.64
Item: 1005504 [W41012]

Anatomical T-Shirt Musculature, XL,W41013

Anatomical T-Shirt Musculature, XL

£ 10.80 £ 8.64
Item: 1005505 [W41013]

Pilates Ring,W11338

Pilates Ring

£ 21.60 £ 18.36
Item: 1003736 [W11338]

Muscleman Beach Towel,W11841

Muscleman Beach Towel

£ 19.20 £ 15.55
Item: 1003805 [W11841]

Medium wall display "Spine",W23003

Medium wall display "Spine"

£ 505.44
Item: 1005330 [W23003]

Mini  wall display "Elbow",W23009

Mini wall display "Elbow"

£ 313.20 £ 264.38
Item: 1005336 [W23009]

Mini  wall display "Shoulder",W23010

Mini wall display "Shoulder"

£ 264.38
Item: 1005337 [W23010]

Anatomical T-Shirt Musculature, L,W41014

Anatomical T-Shirt Musculature, L

£ 10.80 £ 8.64
Item: 1005506 [W41014]

Anatomical T-Shirt Heart, XL,W41017

Anatomical T-Shirt Heart, XL

£ 13.20 £ 10.37
Item: 1005509 [W41017]