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Palpation Model for Leopold’s Maneuver

Palpation Model for Leopold’s Maneuver, 1005567 [W43015], Obstetrics
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This model represents a female abdomen (padded cloth attached with Velcro) with a bony pelvis.

The fetus has a flexible, weighted body, movable arms and legs, firm buttocks, and a head with palpable anterior and posterior fontanels. Movable gel packs simulate the amniotic fluid. Abdomen can be palpated to determine presentation and position of the fetus as well as carrying out the Leopold’s maneuver.

A unique, 3-D teaching tool, this model is perfect for performing Leopold’s maneuvers and for demonstrating palpation of the abdomen to determine fetal lie, presentation, and position.

Item No.: 1005567 [W43015]
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