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Safety glasses for infrared laser (785-808nm)

Safety glasses for infrared laser (785-808nm), 1018739, Laser Acupuncture Devices

Safety glasses for infrared laser (785-808nm)

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Material: metal
Color:    titan
Special features or our laser protection spectacles:
  • metal frame in noble titanium-look
  • wrap-around lens provides perfect side impact protection without contraining the field of vision
  • nose softpads (best comfort)
  • thin slots at the upper edge prevent fogging
  • very low weight
Applications:     excimer, UV, harmonics of Nd:YAG (266 nm), Ti:Sa, diode, disc, Nd:YAG, fiber
Filter color:         yellow-greenish
VLT:       ca. 63%
Optical density
190-315 OD 7+
760-790OD 2+
90-805  OD 3+
805-840 OD 4+
840-860 OD 5+
860-1,030 OD 6+
1,030-1,065 OD 7+
1,065-1,080 OD 5+
1,080-1,100 OD 3+
Product Data
Item No. 1018739
Weight 0.001 kg
MPN: BKB10-0158-ST
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