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Set of 3 Glass Prisms

Set of 3 Glass Prisms

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Set of prisms for demonstrating the design of an achromatic prism and a direct vision prism. Consists of a thin flint glass prism, as well as thin and thick crown glass equilateral prisms.
The two thin prisms deflect a light beam equally strongly but with different dispersions. Moving them closer together in the light path results in a direct vision prism which decomposes light into its spectral components without deflecting it. The thick crown glass prism has the same dispersion as the flint glass prism, but deflects the light beam twice the distance. This permits configuration of an achromatic prism which deflects light without without splitting it into a spectrum.

Material       | Dimension      | Height   | Refractive Index
Flint glass    | 40x40x15 mm | 40 mm  | 1.608
Crown glass | 40x40x30 mm | 40 mm  | 1.515
Crown glass | 40x40x18 mm | 40 mm  | 1.515
Prism Table on Stem, 1003019 [U17020], Optical Components on Stem
£ 65.84
Product Data
Item No. 1002863 [U14050]
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