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The Microscopic Life in the Water, Part I - English Slides

The Microscopic Life in the Water, Part I - English Slides

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25 Microscope Slides.

1(e). Amoeba proteus, ameba 2(c). Ceratium hirundinella, dinoflagellates 3(c). Euglena, green flagellate with eyespot 4(d). Radiolaria, marine rhizopods 5(c). Paramecium, nuclei stained 6(d). Stylonychia, a common ciliate 7(b). Spongilla, fresh water sponge, isolated spicules 8(d). Hydra, w.m. or section 9(d). Rotatoria, rotifers, mixed species 10(c). Daphnia, water flea, a phyllopod 11(c). Cyclops, a copepod 12(d). Chironomus, gnat, larva w.m. 13(d). Putrefaction causing bacteria from hay infusions 14(c). Oscillatoria, a filamentous blue green alga 15(c). Diatomeae, diatoms, mixed species 16(d). Desmidiaceae, desmids, mixed species 17(c). Spirogyra, green alga with spiral chloroplasts 18(d). Eudorina, small colonies within gelatinous sheaths 19(c). Cladophora, green alga, branched filaments 20(c). Draparnaldia, main filaments and branchings 21(c). Microcystis, irregular colonies 22(c). Ulothrix, green alga with girdle-shaped chloroplasts 23(d). Oedogonium, vegetative filaments 24(e). Volvox, with daughter colonies and sexual stages 25(d). Mesothaenium, rod-shaped desmids.
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