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MyPlate Plate

MyPlate Plate, 1018316 [W44791], Obesity and Eating Disorders Education

MyPlate Plate

£ 17.16 (includes VAT at standard rate)

A durable plastic plate featuring the new USDA graphic to help us all fill half our plate with fruits and vegetables, a whole grain, and a low fat proteins, as well as adding a low fat dairy choice. Use the plate as an educational tool all by itself, add food replicas to illustrate many different meals on MyPlate, or give one to each student to eat from. Made of FDA approved ABS plastic safe for food use. Outside diameter is 10.75" with the area designated to place food having 9" diameter. Dishwasher safe, not recommended for microwave oven.
Product Data
Item No. 1018316 [W44791]
Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 0 x 0 x 0 cm
MPN: WA29164
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