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qube15 "L"– Patient Simulator + qubeAVpro – Full debriefing system

qube15 "L"– Patient Simulator + qubeAVpro – Full debriefing system

1. qube15 "L"– Patient Simulator

ECG simulation system

Functional simulation system that helps to prepare healthcare professional for emergencies. Includes an ECG monitor with a fully integrated AED, dynamic 12-lead ECG, wireless control unit for instructors and an external skill trainer (iPod or iPhone) for auscultation, blood glucose and temperature measurement. With the easy to use instructor controller, you can play realistic scenarios including extra systoles, arrhythmias and sources of interference on the monitor screen.

The assessment trainer enables auscultation of chest and back, displays different blood sugar levels, measures the temperature of the patient, and includes well known checklists like ABCDE and SAMPLER.
  • Can be used with any adult or pediatric simulator
  • Improves the training quality by simulating highly stressful situations
  • Easy to use instructor software controls all vital signs
  • LIFEPAK® 15 interface
Features and functions:
  • Fully functional ECG surface of well-known manufacturers
  • Dynamic 12-lead ECG which can be connected to any manikin
  • AED and manual defibrillation
  • Pacemaker
  • Resuscitation mode such as metronome and fraction
  • Control all vital signs via instructor software
  • Browser-based scenario editor with image and video library and possibility to create own scenarios
  • Auscultation, blood sugar and temperature measurement
  • Availability of checklists and SOP for in field use
Delivered with: 
1x qube3 Software Full Account
1x qube Case L 12.9” incl. bags
1x qube Adult Cable Set
1x qube Pediatric/Neonatal Cable Set
1x Apple iPad Pro 12.9"
1x Apple iPad 9.7”
1x Apple iPod Touch
1x qube Instructor Cover for iPad 9.7”
1x iPod rugged Case
1x TpLink (W-Lan-Modem)
1x Mobile Wifi Router

2. qubeAVpro – Full debriefing system

Analyze the training scenario from all angles and let the team work together on their own – add unprecedented realism to any medical simulation. 

The high-quality audio-video software makes it possible to switch back and forth between the cameras, zoom in/out and record the whole training for debriefing. Using the stationary microphone, the instructor can always intervene by giving instructions or comments in the scenario.

Features and functions:
  • Special recording software enables recording both camera view and patient monitor
  • Easy integration of qube3 / qube 15 simulation system into the debriefing of a scenario
  • Colored markers enable the instructor to mark important situations in the simulation at any time in order to be able to access the key points in debriefing even faster
  • Intuitive control of video via iPad app
  • Easy instructor access to camera setting to make debriefing an interactive learning experience
  • Software enables individual debriefing and allows team performance to be identified and analyzed directly
Delivered with:
1x qubeAVpro Software
1x Apple MacBook 13”
1x qubeAVpro Voice of God incl. mic, speaker and 15m cable
1x qubeAVpro Marker Keyboard
1x qubeAVpro Mini Recorder
3x USB Camera
1x Thunderbolt cable
3x USB cable, active (20m)
1x qubeAVpro rugged Rack Case
1x qubeAVpro rugged Rack Trolley 
1x qubeAVpro Dock

Product Data
Item No. 1022294
Weight 29.5 kg
Brand Skillqube
MPN: qubeAV-qube15 -L-Package
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