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Seymour II™ Wound Care Simulator

Seymour II™ Wound Care Simulator, 1009798 [W46500/1], Decubitus Care
Seymour II™ Wound Care Simulator, 1009798 [W46500/1], Decubitus Care
Seymour II™ Wound Care Simulator, 1009798 [W46500/1], Decubitus Care
Seymour II™ Wound Care Simulator, 1009798 [W46500/1], Decubitus Care
Seymour II™ Wound Care Simulator, 1009798 [W46500/1], Decubitus Care
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The Seymour II™ Wound Care Simulator has been redesigned and now made with a new flexible, life-like material that permits the application and easy removal of dressings, without leaving an adhesive residue. Still the most comprehensive model of its kind, molded from a 74-year-old patient, looks and feels like the real thing.

Displaying the following pressure injuries* (NPUAP 2007 - National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel): Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 with undermining, tunneling, subcutaneous fat and slough, deep Stage 4 with exposed bones, undermining, tunneling, subcutaneous fat, eschar and slough. Also shown are a suspected DTI (Deep Tissue Injury), unstageable full eschar/slough wound, and a dehisced wound. The Stage 3 and Stage 4 are positioned so that a “bridging” dressing for use with a vacuum assisted closure and negative pressure wound therapy devices can be demonstrated and practiced.

This model makes it possible to visualize and understand the differences in wounds. Great care has been taken to color each wound just as you would see it on a patient. You are able to demonstrate and practice wound cleansing, classification, staging, and assessment, as well as the measurement of wound length, depth, undermining, and tunneling. The positioning of the wounds permits multiple dressings to be demonstrated at the same time.

*Also available in a dark skin tone.


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Item No.: 1009798 [W46500/1]
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Product Information
Weight 2.51 kg
Dimensions 30.5 x 30.5 x 15.2 cm
Brand VATA
MPN: 0910
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